“You Are The Work (…)” at Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery

My video “You Are The Work (Asking Strangers to Sit Through John Baldessari’s “Six Colorful Inside Jobs”)” is now on view as part of the group exhibition “Interactions” curated by Melanie Rainville at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery in Montreal.  I’m thrilled to be included in such a great line-up of artists!

Ich liebe Köln!

I am presently in-residence at Opekta Ateliers in Cologne – working on new ideas for an exhibition here in the spring. Thank you to racefastsafecar and Opekta for inviting me here.

“The Spectacle of the Spectator” at TIAF 2011

Two of my video installations are being featured at the Toronto International Art Fair, from October 28-31, 2011, curated by Nicolas Mavrikakis at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery Booth #905.


Exhibition “You Are The Work” at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery

After an exhausting installation week (it’s never as easy as you think it should be!), I am very much looking forward to having a glass of wine (or two…) at my opening tonight.  Come if you can – Friday September 9th, from 4-7pm at 372 St-Catherine West #516.  The exhibition runs until October 22nd.  I’ll be posting the new work up on the website soon.


Vente de Garage at the MACM

The works I produced for the Vente de Garage tv show on ARTV are presently on exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. You can check out what I did with Rémi-Pierre Paquin’s Harley Davidson tanks and an old 8mm camera or watch the tv episode which airs tonight if you want to hear me describe my work in (broken) french, or here it is described in a review. Thanks to “Lucipierre” and “Demonielle” for their eternal engagement in this project!


I’m happy to have my work as part of Amy Fung‘s curated feature on Culturehall, alongside the works of such great artists (and some of my dear friends) as Sarah Fuller, Meera Margaret Singh and Lewis and Taggart.

Prix Pierre-Ayot!

I am very honoured to have been awarded the Prix Pierre-Ayot, an annual prize given to a young artist by the City of Montreal and the Association des galeries d’art contemporain (AGAC).

Angell Gallery / Toronto

‘Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Grey?’ is on view in the Video Room at Angell Gallery in Toronto, until December 4th.

I heart The Walrus

The December issue of The Walrus just came out, with my cover portraits of two Quebec soldiers who served in Afghanistan. Great story, and of course always a thrill to shoot for Canada’s gem of a magazine!


The Willows

As a follow-up to my residency in Ireland last year, my recent photographs and videos will be presented, alongside the work of Katrin Hornek and Oliver Jacobi, at the Crawford Art Gallery. You can see the two videos that I produced while on residency here. Although ideally I’d want you to view them on big flat screens, so come to Cork, the show runs until November 28th. We will be launching a catalogue of the exhibition, entitled The Willows, on November 18th with a guided tour by Dr. Ed Krcma.



Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Grey? (2009-2010) from Alana Riley on Vimeo.

Flash Forward Festival

On my way to Toronto for Magenta’s Flash Forward Festival. I’m happy to be one of the chosen Emerging Photographers of Canada. Looking forward to the exhibitions and talks – check out the site for a list of the highlights: Flash Forward Festival. Congratulations to the Magenta Team for organizing such an elaborate and dynamic event!

This is as close as I will ever get to being a painter.

My two most recent videos, produced while in residency in Ireland, are on exhibition this summer as part of the group show, Extreme Painting, curated by Nicolas Mavrikakis at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal. Check out Canadian Art’s review of the show on Bravo! (you can see a brief review of my video, Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Grey?, if you watch it at 12mins. 43secs.)



Bravo! to Canadian Art, Part 2 from Canadian Art on Vimeo.

If I could be anywhere, I would be in Shanghai


Works from the series, If I could be anywhere, I would be here (2008-2009) are presently exhibited in Shanghai Times Square as part of a group exhibition organizedby the AGAC and Art Souterrain entitled, Contemporary Art Montreal. Fortunately, I was able to go for the opening and at the same time experience a bit of this fantastic city.

The Morning News

An interview by Nozlee Samadzadeh on my work is featured in this week’s issue of The Morning News.